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In late 2017 we started the process of creating a super high quality vodka at a great price. Our facility was a small 1000 sqft unit in Soquel, CA. We worked with industry members all over Santa Cruz, Ca to give us feedback and help guide us. We eventually presented a vodka that we were very proud of. 

In the early days we started by providing bars and restaurants with their very own private labeled alcohol brands. However, in 2020 due to COVID-19 all of our clients shut down. So, we pivoted to bringing our great products into our own brands. Wonderful products such as Hideout Vodka, Tres Paraguas, and Westside Water were born. 

From there our brands started selling in grocery and liquor stores. Larger retailers started coming on board, such as Grocery Outlet and Safeway. The high quality at a great price was the prefect combination to really build momentum. Once you tried the products, you were hooked. Bars and restaurants in the bay area started using our brands and we started receiving requests to carry our products without our sales force pitching the products. 

In 2023 we now run a 72,000 sqft facility in Scotts Valley, CA. Our mission to create phenomenal products at a very reasonable price has not changed. We produce over 30 unique spirits, all of which we are proud of. We happily employ over 25 great people and our team and abilities are constantly growing. 

Although the journey has been anything but easy, we have proven that Ublendit Spirits can weather storms and will be around for the long hall. If you have not yet worked with us, please feel free to reach out and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have! 

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